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Wood-on-Water moved to a new workshop in 2017 - yeah!

Therefore we are now able to plan new projects - and some of them we have already started!
We plan to post updates on what's happening at irregular intervals right here on this site - either just as photo in a continuous stream, or as full-blog-entries.

For a little workshop entertainment you might want to check our blog-entries-headlines below.
On our blog-page we have also provided a link which allows you to subscribe to blog-updates via RSS.


First day out with the Pax again
After they have been sanded and lacquered a couple of times, the two Pax went back to the lakes today and made their first trip this [click to read more]...
Busy weeks behind us - even more projects ahead!
To our suprise we were able to move to a new workshop at the beginning of this year. Perhaps i'll find the time to document a little more [click to read more]...
Restaurierung einer Gartenbank
Eine Freundin bat uns im Frühjahr Ihr eine leider vollkommen von der Witterung zerstörte Gartenbank abzunehmen, um sie entweder zu [click to read more]...
quick&simple project: hedgehog-house
...when we found a hedgehog in our garden repeatedly for a few days - hiding in different spots - it became clear that we had to provide [click to read more]...
quick&simple project: Vogelhäuschen
Jetzt im Frühjahr suchen viele Vögel noch nach Nistplätzen - hier haben wir ein einfaches Häuschen aus einem Birken-Ast der hier noch [click to read more]...
november kayaking
It felt a little bit more like late summer than late autmun today - strong colours supported by the low angle mellow lighting of the sun [click to read more]...

project pages

In this area we'll link to dedicated project pages - which will contain media (photos & clips) and details about particular projects


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